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Groundbreaking digital health platform set to transform healthcare in the UK


An innovative digital health platform is transforming how medical professionals manage healthcare by using technology to improve diagnostic accuracy, accessibility and treatment outcomes.

GetLabTest.com is redefining the landscape of healthcare for medical professionals. It’s designed to cater specifically to the needs of doctors and clinics and integrates cutting-edge technology with practical healthcare applications, ensuring a more efficient medical practice.

The platform, which was launched last month by Diagu, an international healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) development company, uses the power of AI to support doctors in interpreting test results. The AI-supported diagnostic engine aims to improve diagnostic capabilities, assisting in clinical decision-making, interpretation of tests, and personalised therapy recommendations, allowing doctors to serve more patients efficiently.

In addition, the platform provides a streamlined process for scheduling patient appointments,

allowing doctors to issue and manage referrals directly, enabling efficient patient data management, including health history, appointments, test orders, laboratory integration and results.

At the core of GetLabTest's benefits is a sophisticated AI engine, backed by an extensive database of over 8.7 million lab test results, patient data, and medical literature. The system is already supporting doctors with automatic pathology report generation and recommendations. The engine already analyses over 10,000 tests daily, evidence that it not only enhances the accuracy of diagnosis, but it also enables a more efficient and improved clinical decision-making process.

Dr Quinton Fivelman, the manager of Diagu, said: "GetLabTest is more than a platform. It’s a digital ally for doctors as it reshapes the future of patient care with each feature.

“For healthcare professionals, GetLabTest improves patient data management as it simplifies the process of ordering lab tests, accessing and analysing results, and communicating with patients. It supports telehealth functions, enabling doctors to conduct virtual consultations effectively. This feature is particularly beneficial in today's healthcare environment where remote care has become increasingly important.”

The platform has several key benefits for patients who can conveniently order a wide range of diagnostic tests from a wide range of laboratories directly through the platform. It provides fast and secure access to their test results online and AI-driven insights into test results which enhance the patient’s understanding of health conditions.

GetLabTest facilitates research and professional growth in the healthcare industry as it provides opportunities for medical professionals to contribute to scientific research and publications.

Dr Fivelman added: “GetLabTest acts as a comprehensive digital solution, simplifying the healthcare process for patients by offering easy access to diagnostics and expert consultations. For medical professionals, it acts as a complete ecosystem enhancing patient care efficiency and diagnostic accuracy by removing time-consuming manual interpretation variability and potential subjectivity.

“The feedback from medical professionals who have integrated GetLabTest into their practice has been overwhelmingly positive. They report significant improvements in operational efficiency, patient communication and the quality of care delivered.

“This digital platform empowers doctors to make decisions backed by data and deep learning. We are not just developing a platform; we are crafting the future of healthcare where technology and human expertise are creating better health outcomes.

“The platform, with its focus on AI-driven laboratory test analysis and facilitating patient-doctor interactions, reflects Diagu's commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery through advanced technology.”

If you are a doctor or clinic that regularly orders various types of tests, analyses, and examinations for your patients, GetLabTest is designed with your needs in mind. The platform offers a seamless way to manage these aspects of your practice efficiently, without any provider fees or hidden costs. Medical professions can benefit from complimentary access to integrated tools, including sophisticated AI note-taking and communication functionalities, AI-powered analysis, appointment management and video consultations to improve patient care and streamline operations.

But the benefits don't stop there. With GetLabTest, doctors have the opportunity to augment their income through consultations and by providing expert interpretations of laboratory tests with AI supported analysis. Furthermore, doctors can extend their impact within the medical community by participating in clinical trials and contributing to scientific publications.

The platform provides an opportunity to elevate clinic and plays a significant role in shaping the future of healthcare. By joining GetLabTest, doctors and clinics are part of a platform that recognizes and rewards your expertise and contributions. Sign up today at https://www.getlabtest.com/doctor and begin exploring the myriad possibilities that await you on the GetLabTest platform.






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