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Young Guns


Experience the ultimate in proactive healthcare with our "Young Guns" health screening packages, designed specifically for men between the ages of 20 and 30. Available in two distinct variations - Basic and Extended - these packages address the unique health needs of your prime years. Despite the invincibility of youth, it's important to monitor your health regularly to prevent potential future complications. Our Extended package enhances this by providing comprehensive health insights, including critical thyroid function tests, testosterone measurement and vitamin D assessment. It serves as an early intervention platform, focusing on overall wellness, reproductive health and potential problem detection. As you enter the most important phase of your life, let the Young Guns Extended package guide you to a healthier future. Consider choosing Extended, your holistic approach to better health.

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The platform offers a unique and innovative solution to traditional diagnostic tests, as the results ...
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Basic package
  • Analysis of test results and medical data for up to 36 different disease entities
  • Opportunity to do further clarification tests with a 5% discount
  • Access to a dedicated doctor for consultation (additional payment)
  • Discount of 5% on cyclic tests, construction of health trends, and free medical consultations
  • 14 tests included
Basic package
Extended package
  • Analysis of test results and medical data for up to 100 different disease entities
  • Opportunity to do further clarification tests at a discount of 11%
  • Consultation with a dedicated doctor included in the package price
  • Discount of 11% on cyclic tests, construction of health trends, and free medical consultations
  • 22 tests included
Extended package
Discover the Diagnostic Areas Covered by Our Comprehensive Package


Young Guns Extended package offers several essential benefits to every young man's health:

  • Early Detection: This package aids in identifying potential health risks early, enhancing treatment success.
  • Comprehensive Health Overview: Provides an in-depth view of your health, from general well-being indicators to specific organ functions.
  • Inflammation Detection: Measures C-reactive protein levels, a potent inflammation marker, to detect possible health issues.
  • Risk Assessment: Evaluates risk of common health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes by analyzing various health markers.
  • Hormonal Health Check: Monitors testosterone levels impacting libido, fertility, mood, energy, and overall well-being.
  • Thyroid Function: Checks thyroid function, vital for metabolism, growth, and development.
  • Vitamin D Level Assessment: Evaluates Vitamin D levels, critical for bone health and immune function, and provides supplementation guidance if required.
  • Preventive Health: Emphasizes a preventive health approach, allowing early identification and management of potential health risks.

Young Guns Extended package is a proactive strategy for a healthier future.

List of Component Tests in Our Basic and Extended Lab Test Packages
Take charge of your health today


Take charge of your health with our Young Guns Basic package, meticulously designed for men in their 20s and 30s. This comprehensive suite of tests provides a detailed health overview, enabling early detection and management of potential issues. Your youth doesn't exempt you from health concerns, and regular check-ups can significantly shape your long-term health. Don't delay; invest in your health today. Your current actions will significantly impact your future well-being. Begin your journey towards a healthier future now. Your body will thank you in the long run.

Young Guns Basic – is an all-inclusive set of medical tests meticulously designed to address the unique health necessities of men aged between 20 to 30 years. This pivotal age bracket marks a crucial period in your life, a time where you might feel invincible, fueled by the vigor and vitality of youth. However, it's absolutely essential to regularly monitor your health during these years to stave off potential health issues that might crop up later. This package is all about promoting a holistic approach towards general wellness, reproductive health, and early identification of potential health complications.


Neglecting health check-ups in your youth can lead to unnoticed health issues. Take control of your health with our Young Guns Extended package. Gain comprehensive insights into your well-being, detect potential issues early, and maintain peak health. Good health is total physical, mental, and social well-being, not just the absence of disease. Our package helps you proactively manage your health. Don't wait for a health scare; get ahead with regular screenings. Secure your Young Guns Extended screening today. Prevention is the best health strategy, so start your health journey now for a healthier future.

Why get tested?
Benefits of Health Screening
Regular health screenings, such as those offered by GetLabTest.com, are not only worth doing at least once in a lifetime, but also regularly every few years, even if you feel perfectly healthy. These screenings provide both prevention and peace of mind, which are both important for overall well-being. Although it may seem like a hassle to take time out of a busy schedule to attend a health screening, it can be well worth it for early detection and treatment of serious conditions. With the ability to detect over 100 conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, a health screening can provide valuable information about one's overall health status and peace of mind.
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How It Works
Learn How GetLabTest.com Works - Simple Steps to Your Health Screening
Choose a Package

Choose a package that best suits your needs and preferences from our website. We offer both basic and extended packages for women's health.

Fill Out Health Survey

Fill out the online health survey provided by GetLabtest.com. This will help us determine which tests are necessary for you and provide you with the best results.

Choose a Location

Select a convenient Test centre from the options provided. This could be a laboratory or a home visit by a trained phlebotomist to collect blood and urine samples.

Prepare for Testing

Prepare for the testing by following instructions provided by GetLabtest.com, such as fasting or avoiding certain foods and drinks. For urine tests, ensure that you are hydrated and have a clean catch.


Visit the chosen Test centre at the scheduled time to have the tests done. The phlebotomist will collect the blood and urine samples for analysis.

Results and Analysis

GetLabtest.com's artificial intelligence system will analyse the test results to detect patterns of disease entities and prepare an analysis report. The report will be sent to a doctor who will confirm the diagnosis and provide recommendations and further tests or treatments if necessary.

Receive the Results

Once the doctor confirms the diagnosis, the results will be sent to you along with a detailed report on your health and any necessary recommendations.

Preparing for Your Lab Tests
Guidelines for a Smooth and Accurate Testing Experience
Blood Test Preparation Guidelines
Time of day
It is recommended to schedule your appointment for blood tests in the morning hours between 7:00-10:00.
It is recommended to fast for approximately 12 hours before blood sampling. The last meal of the previous day should ideally be consumed around 6:00 p.m. On the day before the test, avoid heavy and fatty meals as well as alcohol.
Stay hydrated
Drinking water prior to testing can help with sample collection.
Other factors
Tests should not be performed after a sleepless night or intense physical activity. It is recommended to avoid exercise and stress immediately before blood collection and to not smoke. A short rest is recommended.
Medications and supplements:
Blood samples should be collected before the morning dose. Some drugs can interfere with test results. Consult with your doctor whether you can delay your dose because of lab tests.
Biotin supplements:
High doses of biotin supplements can affect test results, causing false elevation or reduction. It's recommended to avoid taking biotin for at least 72 hours before blood collection. If you are taking biotin, inform the personnel collecting the blood so that they can provide specific instructions.
Preparing for Urinalysis Test
Buy container
Buy sterile, disposable urine containers from pharmacies.

You can also buy a container from a diagnostic centre but the price will be higher. Container is not included in the price of the tests.
Time of day
Ideally, collect the first urine in the morning after an 8-hour overnight rest or at least 4 hours after the last urination to prevent functional proteinuria.
Mid-stream Sample
Collect the urine mid-stream, not at the beginning or end of urination, to avoid contamination. The sample volume should be 20 to 100 milliliters, depending on the container's size.
Wash the area around the urethra with warm water, without using any cleaning or disinfecting products.
Do not eat or drink for 12 hours before collecting the urine sample. If necessary, you can drink one glass of clean, unflavoured water during this time.
Physical activity
Avoid intense physical activity before providing a urine sample, as it can lead to an increase in protein and ketone levels in urine.
Menstrual period
Women should avoid providing a urine sample during the menstrual period or within two days of its completion, as this can affect the test results due to the presence of red blood cells and epithelial cells in the urine.
Sexual activity
Abstain from sexual activity before providing a urine sample.
Deliver sample
Take the sample(s) to the sampling point on the same day. Storage: Keep the samples at refrigerated temperature (+2...+8°C) until they are taken to the sampling point.
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